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Established since 2002, One Communications have been the leading as Online Amateur Radio Communications Shop in Malaysia. From online to physical In 2006, One Communications open their first small showroom in Puchong. Since then, One Communications have expanded their products and services to many types of radio communications range including commercial radios, marine communications, air to ground communications, motorsports communications, satellite phone, and tough phone.

One Communications is currently registered as One Communications Services Sdn Bhd (940276-D) has been providing quality communication equipment to the Malaysian market of amateur operators and other commercial wireless users.

One communications can be relied on to listen closely to our customers and provide consultancy services to ascertain the best communication equipments and solution to the simplest network, or a complex infrastructure set-up.

A wholly-owned Bumiputera company, we provide the latest equipment in commercial radio, amateur radio, marine, airband communications, satellite phone, tough phone, RF equipment and accessories. We also supply Search & Rescue marine equipment such as EPIRB, SART and etc.