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MFJ-971 HF Tuner

MFJ-971 HF Tuner

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Brand: MFJ
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The MFJ971 is a tiny, inexpensive portable 200 watt PEP antenna tuner that's a perfect match for today's ultra-compact HF transceivers while offering features especially designed for the QRP operator.

Covering 1.8 to 30MHz, this T-match tuner can match coax-fed antennas, as well as those fed with balanced feedline, and random wires. A 4:1 toroid balun is built in for balanced lines.

From the factory, the MFJ971 offers forward power readings of 30 watts maximum or 300 watts, on its cross needle meter. You can monitor forward pwoer, reflected power, and SWR simultaneously. For dedicated QRP operation, swapping of a
jumper plug internally converts the maximum forward reading on the meter to 6 watts.

The meter lamp may e powered by an external 12Vdc source if you desire (MFJ-1312D).

The MFJ971, while an all-around low-power tuner, is especially suited for MFJ transceivers and power packs. It matches them in size and styling and brackets included with the tuner allow connecting the units together physically into an
attractive and compact package.

As in all good antenna tuners, three controls give flexiblity in matching: Inductance(12 positions), Transmitter, and Antenna. Once you find the proper setting on each band, just record it for future "instant band changing."

Rear panel includes SO-239 coaxial jacks for transmitter and antenna; 2 sturdy binding posts for balanced line; another binding post for a random wire; ground post; 12Vdc input jack for meter lamp; and low/high power meter range switch.

Measures a tiny 6 x 6 x 2.5 inches.